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I saw your "say no to lattes" post. Have you had a bulletproof coffee? It tastes like a latte with none of the crapton of sugar.
eatingdrinkingbreathing eatingdrinkingbreathing Said:

To be completely honest, no matter how many posts I read about how tasty it is, it sounds disgusting. Also, a hassle. I very serious about avoiding hassles. I love whole milk. It’s a weakness, so I limit the amount I can have in a week - even though it makes the baristas at my Starbucks sad. They miss me.



1. Leg Lifters, 10 Reps each side

2. One Leg Supermans, 15 Reps each side

3. Doggy Leg Lifts, 15 Reps each side

4. One Leg Around The Worlds, 15 Reps each side


One love ♡

Not bad. Apparently it’s all about just saying ‘no’ to lattes.

But I really have to. Reallllllly. You’re like my entire day’s intake of carbs. You cost me like $5 a day. It’s horrible.  You’re my Achilles Heel with all your tasty milky goodness. 

Tomorrow we crawl back onto the coffee we make at home with heavy cream wagon. Lattes should be treats, and treats are not something you get every single day. 

Le sigh. Plus side, if I don’t go to Starbucks I won’t see those fucking Pumpkin Cream Cheese muffins mocking me from behind the glass case. Seriously, those bitches are like the mythical Sirens of baked goods. 

Pulled Pork for Days

My husband wanted to make pulled pork in the slow cooker, so I convinced him to use Mellissa Sevigny aka I Breath I’m Hungry’s recipe for a low-carb version instead of his usual style of South Carolina BBQ. Turned out fantastic. Check it out here. There’s just the two of us, so a slow cooker full of pork shoulder lasts like three days. Cost effective tastiness!

Mashed cauliflower isn’t your typical pairing for pulled pork, but I’m just on one of those kicks where I want to eat it all the time. It will pass. Like that time when I ate nothing but sauteed cabbage with every meal for a month. Mashed cauliflower isn’t rocket science - take a head and chop into small-ish pieces, boil, run through food processor with butter, heavy cream and optional cheese (I always option for cheese), and lots of salt and pepper.  I saw a post for a variation with cheddar and jalapeno I’ve been meaning to try out as well. My husband won’t touch cauliflower for love or money, so I have it all to myself. I can get at least three meals out of one head of cauliflower (especially since I’m a spoiled baby and only use the florets). 

All together this meal nets me about 5 carbs, and a very filling 5 carbs at that. 


Plus, it tastes disgusting.

Love your blog (: following! <3 keto on, friend
eatingdrinkingbreathing eatingdrinkingbreathing Said:

Thank you, internet friend!

Same to you - let us all serve as each other’s motivation and inspiration. 

Tuesday Night Keto-riffic Dinner

Props to my fabulous internet friend Amanda of for this recipe. Ok, we’re not actually internet friends, but I am a big fan of her site. Close enough. 

Check out her recipe for Keto Meatloaf Stuffed with Goat Cheese & Spinach.  The part where you roll it out using plastic wrap made me feel like a fancy chef. It looked so pretty sweet going into the oven. Prettier than the finished product, but then meatloaf isn’t exactly the most photogenic food. I paired it with a ridiculously large serving of mashed cauliflower I made with a ridiculously large amount of heavy cream and butter. The photo may not look like much (because a mashed cauliflower is not exactly rockin’ it in the looks department either), but holy balls was this a tasty homey meal. And super filling. Like food-baby producing filling. 

Just like mom should have used to make.